Registration / Login Problems

Troubleshooting Registration / Login

Registering your email address on websites can be a complicated process. Internet Service Providers invest significant time and effort in trying to eliminate SPAM and as a result sometimes even messages you wanted to receive may be blocked.

We apologise if you are having problems registering, to try to resolve the issues please read the information below and carry out the necessary actions.

I did not receive my passcode email

If the website did not report a problem with its mail function, your ISP may well have blocked the message as SPAM. Please check your junk email / SPAM folder in your email program to see if the message has been blocked, and add to your safe senders list.

Even If the mail message did not appear in your junk email / SPAM folder it is advisable to add

I have added the site to my safe senders list but still haven't received the email

It may be necessary to reset your passcode and try again, Click this link to have the passcode Reset

I have completed step 1, but cannot find the link to complete the registration process

Follow this link To complete your registration process

I have completed Step 2 of the Registration process but did not receive my password confirmation email

If the website did not report a problem with the step 2 process, your password may have been set correctly. Have you tried logging in to the site with the password?

If you can log in but did not receive the email  follow the step 1 resolution steps above to check if the email is being blocked as spam.

 I have forgotten my password

Unfortunately, to protect your passwords securely it is not possible to send you a password reminder, however you can have your password reset.

I want to change my password

If you know your current password you can change it here

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