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Welcome to the Animal Inn Website - 14-Nov-2011

Hello and a warm welcome to our website. The Animal Inn is a family run business, my name is Mark - Personal Animal Chauffer - I collect and drop off to all of our pet guests. My wife Jill is a qualified groomer and we are mum and dad to our daughter Skye who is seven and Amber who has just turned three, we have owned the Animal Inn for seven years.

We are the proud owners of 3 dogs; Blue who is our pride and joy is a long haired German Shepherd who is approaching 8. Our newest arrivals into our family are Boots who is a Golden Retriever she is seven months old and Storm who is a German Shepherd aged just 4 months.

Needless to say our puppies are bringing us lots of fun, laughter and more grey hairs! When you have been used to having adult dogs that were reasonably well behaved you do not realise all the temptations in your house that are ready to be torn, chewed, and ripped or if you are lucky just licked and turned soggy!

We have always had German Shepherds so it is fascinating to see the differences between the breeds, Boots our retriever is so much more independent and although we love her dearly she definitely suffers from selective hearing, she can hear a packet of treats being opened a mile away but when it is time for bed her hearing seems to disappear!

Apart from their walks the puppies favourite place in the whole world is our pet shop, where they love to help us stock our shelves after a delivery, they do insist on giving every item a sniff before it gets put on the shelf, we sell everything you would ever need for your pet from food to toys and beds to leads and collars. We also sell fat balls, peanuts and bird seed along with hay, straw and rabbit food, fortunately we do not sell any rabbits as Boots and Storm could probably not contain their excitement!

There is lots going on at the Animal Inn, we are preparing to launch a brand new website where you can do all your pet shopping on-line and we will deliver it to your home or workplace for free in the local area, we promise to offer the cheapest on line pet supplies service in east Kent. You can see what we have to offer at

Thanks for reading and I will be updating the blog regularly on the trial and tribulations of life as a Dad to two delinquent puppies!


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