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Puppies are still a menace!!! - 23-Jan-2012

Hello again, just letting everybody know how our 2 newest additions to our family are progressing, Boots our Golden Retreiver is now 9 months old and Storm our GSD is 7 months they are both very very playful!!, if they are not asleep or eating they are running around at 100mph making some weird and wonderful noises!. Our older 8 year German Shepherd Blue who is eight tries to go into a quiet corner to get some peace and quiet but with 2 young dogs and we have 2 young children peace and quiet is hard to find.

I very naively thought the worst of the puppies destructive tendencies were coming to an end (at last!!!) but then they found now they are bit bigger they can reach up to the kids trampoline and tear down the safety net. Great!.

As you can see they must have had the time of their lives!!.

Even though they have made my wife and I tear how hair out they are both so loyal and are fantastic family pets.

Now Christmas has come and gone we are concentrating lots of our time on our new pet supplies website, if you have a minute please take a look the prices are very reasonable and you might save yourself a few quid!!

Thanks for reading and I will write again soon.

Puppies in Trouble!


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