Site navigation


A site map is much more than it's name implies; it opens our site to people who are unable to navigate using conventional methods and is key in making our site conform to accessibility standards.


To navigate without a mouse you press the Tab key on the left of your keyboard. Each time you press the Tab key you select the next navigation button or hyperlink on the page. (Use the Shift key + the Tab key to go back to a previous link). When you are on the required button or hyperlink just press the Enter key to go to the new page.


We have also implemented skip links and access keys

Access Key N will skip to the top navigation menu

Access Key S will skip to the page contents

Access key 9 takes you to the HTML site map to navigate the site without a mouse

Access Key 0 takes you to the Accessibility Help Page

Access Keys 1 - 5 jump to each of the top level menus


 The site has also been designed to scale so if you need to change your browser settings to make the site comfortable to view, our site will resize accordingly.

You can also resize the page using Ctrl + or Ctrl -


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